Please read the first part. 

Next day we had another two activities. First activity was pertandingan berkumpulan cabaran siber. They provided some games. Each game has its own moral values which related with the internet. E.g they prepared some glasses of water. We need to carry them about 5m ahead with rubber bands without any spill on the ground. So what they were trying to impart was we as an internet user need to be careful with everything we post in social media. Simple games but the story behind it was very deep. Fourth session will be adventurous games. We had flying fox. Wehoooo! We were allowed to choose two out of three. We chose wall climbing for our second choices. We didn’t choose abseiling. Don’t ask me why. Later, stars brighten up our night as we continued our cultural night. Traditional dance which represent by each district. We as spectators also joined them dance. Such a wonderful night.

Last activity before we get ready for our real formal occasion. We had to build our own robot the soccer player. It’s not my type but just helped to put on the tyre and done. Let other people do the rest. #badtasya. Our robot loses the game. Whatever it’s not my fault. My tyre was working so well. Then we had one extra activity which was stated in our third pledge. It was ‘menolong orang setiap masa’. We had to do some society services at surau. We had to clean up the surau to be as clean as it should be. Back to campsite, there were crowded with media for tv and newspaper. Really excited that we were on tv!! Hahhahah I’ve been interviewed by my favourite tv show; Bella ntv7!!! Such an honored. That was my first interviewed Alhamdulillah it went very well. I told them to cut off the part where I stuttered. So here’s my interview


Next Utusan Malaysia came and interviewed me about how the camp has impacted me. The reporter wrote scribble as I talked too much and too fast. You better come up with right article otherwise I being sew. Other campers also being interviewed by other tv station. 


They even made montage of our camp. They will reveal it for our formal occasion.
All the scouts were in fully formal attire for our formal occasion that was held at hall and the best part was surrounded by the media. We are going to be on tv!! Mom watched us live at home. We better act good otherwise mom won’t allow me to join camp. #badtasya2. The opening will be the revealed of our montage camp.


I tell you what. It was AHHHMAZINGGG plus the background song.

Then we had giving prizes of each category the best dancing performances, the best legend story etc. Even though our district didn’t win the best scout district category, we were still happy that we get to know each other since we are in different school. That night after formal occasion, we gathered and have some chit chat. We felt like family. The next day was really sad. We were going to farewell everybody. We took pictures as a memento, changing contact numbers, gratitude for their help throughout the camp. These five days of camp really gave me big impact to me. From nothing to something that really valuable. Hope that we can reunite one day.

"Once a scout, forever a scout."


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