Exactly one year ago, 1st of January 2015 an enthusiastic Malaysian girl was hitting the button ‘publish’ for the first time. I’m only 15 when I first blogging. It was too early, I know! The idea came after my two friends, Aifaa and Nad started to chit chat about other blogger’s blogpost and pretty much make me interested into blogging life. that wasn’t part of my plan life seriously. At that time I didn’t really know what I was doing. My only desire was to share snippets of my life since I have many great things happen in my life and great tips too.Many things came up into my mind by the time I’ve my own blog account.
“what kind of language that I’m going to use?”
 “what kind of name should I choose for my blog?”
“what kind of theme should I choose for my blog?”

Luckily, I’ve my two friends where I can refer to. They really helped me with all the things in the blog especially the setting. Sometimes I’ve been clueless until they infuriated. Hahahahah sorry girls. 

 By the time I’m ready to publish a blog, I really didn’t know HOW to post a blog. What I meant was I didn’t know how to start the blog, how the content should be, how the storyline should be, how should I end the post. Most people would say like you’re creating a school essay but blog is more random. I started to rummage other blogger’s blogpost. From that, this is what I am now. CityofChapters turns 1! I promise I will never stop blogging.
If I’ve loyal reader of my blog, please rise your hand. Hahhaha jika ada lah. Keep on reading my blog and I will improve my storyline. I hope you find some of my thoughts helpful or fun to read.
What I know when I’m into blogging life is my family would never read my blog even I’ve ask them to read it. Yes not even once. I checked their google history. #sejakazalikenatipu #okeyfineeee


  1. Aww. My blog pon nak turn 1 juga. Teringat pula. And congrats! Although it's like 1 year late. :)

    1. Thank you so much! keep on reading my blog hehehe. A huge congrats to you too!!


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