My brother is just konon-orang-korea. He super duper in love with korean food huh don't know why. Taste bud not match with Malaysia food maybe. So yesterday he bought that korean food called Kimbab from supermarket. Yes, It's a sticky rice wrapped with seaweed filled with crab fillet and slices vegetables. I'm not a big fan of  korean food but yeahh somebody just offered me free food okey. When it comes to free food I would never say NO. Actually I'm interested to try it to know how it taste. Once I put it into mouth and masticate that kimbab. Oh mann it taste so goooddddd. My eyes just brightly open and wanted some more. It's freeee.

Not just that he also offered me others but I don't know what it is call in korea. I am so desirous to know what is that so just took and masticate it. You know what is that?!! It's raw salmon. Oh my I felt I want to throw up. Eeeeerrrrrrrrrr. My brother just laughed hilariously. Seriously brother?! This is what you're in love for? oh myy I rather ask mom to grill salmon for me. My taste bud is definitely different than yours. Thank you anyway. Will NEVER try that again.
#menyesalseparuhtastebud   -__-


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