I know some of you might hear this before “your worst enemy could be your best friend”. To be honest I never ever trust this quote until it happened to my life. Yes it happened when I met my class mate back then when we were in standard 1. We never introduced ourselves to each other like others did. What a sombong girl. We just glanced at each other name tag. I know your name. You know my name. Ok whatever I don’t care about you.We were being so sententiousness.

It was really really a bad start I must say. We were very competitive especially when it comes to academics. We always fought to be teacher’s favourite student especially our English teacher, Mrs Lee. I don’t really like her when Mrs Lee always praised her essay. During mathematics class, Mrs Liew always gave us quiz before she started her lesson. We also fought to be the first who finished it but we ended up to finish it at the same time. Grrr. When it comes to examination, we competed to get As in every subject and to be top student in the class. She didn’t like me whenever my name was on top of her. I don’t like her when she get into the first class and be my classmate. We have to compete again and again. Game is not over sister. Hahhaha. She also duped me to go to other tuition. She didn’t want me to go to the same tuition as hers. We might quarrel if we went to the same tuition.

We didn’t like each other for years even though we were classmate. We never talk to each other but we did sometimes when teacher forced us to be in one group for our assignments.
We finally graduated for six years of primary school. We get offered to different school. Yeaayy we don’t have to see each other face anymore. Later on the hatred feelings fade away after we have been separated. We kind of missed to fight, quarrel, and argue. We decided to meet for the first time in 2013. I think that time was perfect time to remove stains in our heart and filled it with odoriferous blooming flowers.

This year I had very romantic iftar with her. Verily, it’s good to fix and strengthen friendship or relationship with someone especially during Ramadhan. We had little chat about our friendship that we went through. Flashback all the memories made us amused. Why laa we became like that? We are good girls now. No more quarrel with Atiqah. Promise Mrs Lee!

We used to be quiet in the class now we were probably the loudest in the restaurant and the most embarrassing ones. Heloo who cares!  We celebrated our 9 years of friendship. 

Happy National Best friend day, Atiqah and others!  


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