It has been 5 days there. So on the fifth day we went for hiking at Bukit Dinding. Yeayy I love love love hiking. It took almost 45 minutes to arrive at Bukit Dinding from the campsite by bus. To be honest to say that Bukit Dinding was very very steep. That made us felt really tired but fun. Fortunately there was ready-track for us to hike. Pretty much lessen our burden. After 15 minutes of hiking, we finally can enjoy the view from Bukit Dinding. The view was really breathtaking. The only view you can see from Bukit Dinding is not from the top. To make it more adventures, we had to continue hiking. We finally made it to the top of Bukit Dinding. 15 minutes of rest then we went down. We thought that we were went down by using the same track but that man said we had to used another way. Guess what?! We went down using another track in the forest. Denggg it was really really adventures but I love it. The original track was slippery. I almost slipped hiuhhh. It was pretty tough man. We went down safely and went back to campsite. As usual at night we had cultural night again.

Last day of activity! Red team woke up little bit late because on the sixth day we had complete Cabaran Aktiviti Berpengkalan to get 30 stamps. Finally, we had settled down before lunch. We really hope that we can get the official badge of 13th Malaysia Scout Jamboree and Kuala Lumpur International Jamboree 2016. After having our tea, we strolled around the lake to take some pictures as our memories. I felt in love with everybody there. They were really down to earth and well-greeted. At night, the commandants announced who will receive the official badge. Alhamdulillah, I received the official badge ‘Anugerah Semangat Shafie’ and almost of my friends received it. We did it!


We accidently woke up late but not too late. Luckily, we had plenty of leisure before the closing ceremony. We spent that time to exchange our phone numbers and snapped some pictures! We were really happy on the last day but deep down in our heart it was very hard to say goodbye to everybody. We were being together since day 1 until day 7. Full of great memories together and will treasure it in our heart forever. Goodbye Jamboree! Thank you for united us!


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